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Der zehnjährige Robin Hood kämpft mutig in Sherwood Forest gegen den ebenfalls zehnjährigen Königssohn Prinz John und seine Bande. Mit Robins Hilfe gelingt es dem Sheriff, drei Diebe zu verhaften, die die Bewohner Nottinghams bestohlen haben. Doch die Beute ist verschwunden. Robin und seine Gefährten liefern sich mit Prinz John ein Wettrennen auf der Jagd nach dem Schatz. Erlebt mit Robin Hood die Abenteuer in Sherwood Forest! König Richard Löwenherz kehrt mit viel Gold heim, das seinem Königreich zugutekommen soll. Robin Hood schlägt vor, damit die Bauern zu. Neu ist, dass die Serie Robin Hood als zehnjährigen in den Mittelpunkt stellt, der mutig, kühn und listenreich in Sherwood Forest gegen den.

Robin Hood Kika

Erlebt mit Robin Hood die Abenteuer in Sherwood Forest! Der zehnjährige Robin Hood kämpft mutig in Sherwood Forest gegen den ebenfalls zehnjährigen Königssohn Prinz John und seine Bande. - Robin Hood Kika Youtube, Zitty — 27 Juli , Druckbare Malvorlage Kika Ausmalbilder Beste Druckbare, 35 Ausmalbilder Kirmes. Robin Hood Kika

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Regina soon learns that the point of the Fury is to pay the unpaid price of magic, but only when that price is a life, meaning it wants to bring Robin to the underworld.

To stop it, Regina will have to sacrifice her own life, and so she prepares to do exactly that. As the Fury latches onto her with its magic, however, Mary Margaret takes her hand, and then David , and Leroy and Arthur, and the demon is defeated.

It is agreed that Regina really is this town's new savior, which she proves further by turning Sneezy back from the stone statue Emma made him into, and Robin is safe.

At Granny's Diner , Robin is staring at a picture of Zelena's first sonogram, amazed at the technology of this world while at the same time experiencing a range of mixed emotions regarding the baby itself, as is pointed out by Hook when he approaches.

Robin knows that it's painful for Regina to have her evil sister carrying his child, and it's painful for him too, and yet a part of him can't help but feel happy - he doesn't want Regina to know that though, and misconstrue his happiness, at which Hook points out further the complexity of Robin's situation.

He goes on to lament about his own complex love life and recalls a locked door in Emma's new home that she didn't want him going anywhere near.

When he meets with her, he tries finding out what's behind it, but she refuses to say. As such, Hook returns to Granny's where Robin is eating.

He explains that he was unable to get any information from Emma and needs to find out what she's keeping from him - he needs a thief to break into the locked room.

Robin assures that his thieving days are behind him, at which Hook says that, being a pirate who tells himself the same thing, those days are behind you.

Robin contemplates helping him. With Grif , the man David arrested for having stolen from King Arthur , missing from his cell, it is deduced that he stole a magic bean and transported himself back to Camelot - when in actuality, Arthur made him kill himself with a poison that makes one's body disappear, so as to cover for his evil plot.

Guinevere comments on Grif's selfishness, but blames his desperation on the hopelessness caused from being a way from home, and in order to raise morale, Mary Margaret and the others decide to host a block party.

Meanwhile, Belle runs into Robin, Hook and Regina as they're leaving the sheriff's station and tells them that Mr. Gold is missing.

They deduce that Emma kidnapped him and break into her house while she's off with Henry , finding their way into her secret room and discovering that she's hiding Excalibur down there - and that it's the same blade as the Dark One's dagger.

That night, as the block party goes on, the others approach Arthur and learn that, when the sword is complete, it has the ability to snuff out all dark magic Robin and Regina, meanwhile, investigate a dreamcatcher left out by Emma and discover that it houses the memories of Henry's crush Violet with dreamcatchers being how she stored everyone's missing memories ; they see through it that Emma ripped out her heart during the missing six weeks, to the heartbreak of her son.

Robin provides backup alongside Hook as David heads into Arthur's tent in the woods in order to confront him about his recently exposed betrayal.

This leads to Arthur running away and getting himself captured in the process, and Hook, who was saved from the corrupt King by Emma , reports back that she now has the complete Excalibur.

Regina realizes that she's waiting on some sort of missing ingredient for her spell to snuff out all light magic, but she has little time to search due to Zelena's pregnancy suddenly speeding up by seven months.

To her and Robin's shock and horror, the Wicked Witch goes into labor, and everyone rallies to protect her when Mary Margaret and Belle figure out via research that the missing ingredient for Emma's spell is the cry of a newborn baby.

Robin refuses to let her anywhere near his child so long as he's alive, and it's not long before Dr. Whale delivers a healthy baby girl.

Robin holds her in his arms joyously, but then the Dark Swan arrives. With his baby in one arm and a sword in the other, Robin threatens her, but she soon reveals that she's not after Zelena's baby; she's after Zelena herself, wanting to use her as a vessel for the darkness so that she can destroy all dark magic, not light.

She is unsuccessful, however. Zelena places her cuff , which was removed by Hook after they were both taken hostage, onto Emma's wrist, allowing for she and the pirate to escape, the latter of which having just found out that he became a second Dark One in Camelot.

Regina and the others then learn that Emma has only been acting the way she has in an attempt to save herself and Hook from the darkness , and she thought isolating herself would be the best way to go about doing what needed to be done, meaning killing Zelena.

The Wicked Witch, meanwhile, heads to the hospital in order to see her daughter ; however, Baby Hood has already been taken by Robin, and Regina implores her sister to follow her back to Mary Margaret's apartment.

Robin is waiting inside with his daughter in his arms, and Regina explains that the only reason she was able to redeem was because of the love she had for Henry , so she hopes Zelena's love for her daughter will be equally as strong and accomplish the same for her.

Zelena immediately falls in love with her daughter when Robin passes her over, but he explains that she may only see her when either he or Regina is present.

Robin later regains his memories of the missing six weeks spent in Camelot when Emma recovers her missing dreamcatchers and unleashes their contents, allowing her to realize that Hook plans on opening a portal to hell and bringing every past Dark One to Storybrooke.

He succeeds. Emma decides that she has to put a stop to Hook However, as she and the others split up to search for the now villainous pirate, each of them is marked by one of the resurrected Dark Ones, and Gold , marked himself, explains that they are to be dragged to the Underworld so that the Dark Ones may return properly to the land of the living.

With Zelena planning to take full custody of her daughter once Robin and Regina are dead, she heads to the latter's Mayoral office, planning to take over the town while teaching her baby how to be wicked.

Regina refuses to let this happen and uses the Apprentice's wand to summon a cyclone that sends the Wicked Witch back to Oz , then able to deal with the primary problem at hand.

She and Robin are later transported to the town pond by their marks, with Roland and the baby having been left in the fairies' care, but they're ultimately spared their horrible fates because Hook absorbs the darkness and Emma stabs him with Excalibur , killing both him and it for good.

However, as it turns out, Gold made it so that the darkness in fact went back into him. Not wanting Killian's sacrifice to be in vain, Emma heads to the Underworld by choice to save him, and Robin is amongst those who tag along.

Robin and the others arrive in the Underworld and are surprised to discover that it's a demented version of Storybrooke.

They all split up in order to go search for Hook , and as they walk down the sidewalk Regina and Robin discuss their whereabouts. Robin comments how everything is the same and yet Robin points out that it could be the other way around, but they are soon interrupted by a pedestrian who's been following them.

He leads Regina to her mother , who tells her to take Robin and Henry and leave. Regina cannot do this, needing to help her friends find Hook, who they learn from pouring the Ale of Sinead on his grave is in a much worse place.

Cora threatens to send Prince Henry , Regina's father, to the same place, but he ends up ascending Mount Olympus instead.

Robin is happy that all's well, and he and the others decide to help the other lost souls he deserve to be free of this nightmarish place as well.

The heroes have trouble locating Hook's prison and Regina recalls that, in the real Storybrooke , she had a series of maps chronicling the entirety of the town.

She assumes that the Underworld has its own analogue and it is decided that Robin will be the one to break into the mayoral office and steal them.

Henry tags along, but unfortunately Cora left the place very well locked up. However, Robin spots a vent on the wall and removes the panel.

He wants to go through it himself but Henry stops him, pointing out that someone has to stay and keep guard and he's the only one who'll know where to actually look in his mom's office.

Robin concedes, letting the kid go, and waits for a long while. When Henry returns, he claims not to have found anything, when in actuality he had a lengthy encounter with the deceased Cruella De Vil regarding him being the Author and the magic quill he snapped, which is now in the Underworld somewhere.

After the apartment is cleaned up from Cerberus' attack, Gold comes to Robin and the other heroes with a plan, soon taking Emma and using his dead wife Milah to cross the threshold into Hades' lair, which allows them to rescue Hook.

After an escapade involving Daniel's grave and Regina regaining her magic, Snow and the former Evil Queen regroup with Robin and the others - including Hook.

They want to get the heart-splitting process done and dusted, but Emma's heart cannot be removed for some reason.

They then learn that that reason is that Emma's name has been carved onto one of the graveyard's headstones Hades wanted Hook to pick which of his friends would have to stay behind in exchange for the souls that they helped to move on, but it seems he's done the picking himself.

This means that Emma's heart won't work to resurrect Hook, and that she, her mother and step-grandmother are trapped in purgatory until further notice.

Robin's daughter is brought to the Underworld via a portal created by Gold and Hades , but they accidentally bring Belle and Zelena with her - and the latter wants her baby back.

She goes to Robin and the others after Belle runs off with Baby Hood, and Robin decides that he'll be the one to track her down since Zelena has no magic and Regina can't do a locator spell without something of the child's.

Whilst tracking, Zelena asks what the baby's name is but Robin says that he hasn't given her one yet because he doesn't know her; he's spent too much time trying to protect her from her mother.

Zelena points out that she's not needed protecting, and that he jumped down to the Underworld the first chance he got on some heroic quest, completely abandoning his daughter.

He argues that he's setting an example of heroism, which he finds important, and Regina ends up telling Zelena how her enemies ended up becoming her family and that she hopes the same happens for her.

When they finally find Belle and the baby, Zelena feeds her with the formula she got in Storybrooke , but then some of her magic returns and she runs off with her.

Robin and the others find her in her farmhouse and she ends up handing the baby over because she realizes that she can't protect it from Hades.

Robin takes it back to the apartment but still refuses to name her in case her name ends up etched on a headstone; he then takes her to the forest to keep her safe, saying it's the only place he's ever felt at home.

David heads out to gather supplies for Robin and his baby in the forest when he's ambushed by his twin brother James , who reveals that Cruella was wrong: he doesn't hate Charming because their mother chose him, he hates him because he got to have all the glory.

David tries making a case for himself, protesting that it wasn't his fault either way, but this doesn't stop James from tasering him into unconsciousness.

He decides that, since David got his chance to play the prince, he's going to try "playing the shepherd"; he proceeds to lock his twin brother up in the sheriff's station and he heads to the apartment , pretending to be David.

Emma seems to be falling for the act as the two of them head out into the woods to give Robin the supplies, but then suddenly James slaps an anti-magic cuff on his niece's wrist, with Cruella having told him not to face the savior without one of them.

Cruella herself then shows up, giving Emma a punch in the face for being the one who killed her, and she and James take Robin and the savior hostage, bringing them to the docks and threatening to throw them into the River of Lost Souls.

It's all part of a plan to use Baby Hood as leverage against Hades. However, David soon shows up and saves the day, pointing out that it was stupid of James to lock him up in his own jail because he knows how to escape.

The two princes then face off, and a lengthy fight ends with James being thrown into the river by his brother.

When Zelena is kidnapped by Rumple and Pan , Hades asks for the heroes' help getting her back; they are successful in their mission, and in return he removes all their names from their respective tombstones.

Since Zelena's kiss of true love has restored his heart and made it so he's now able to leave the Underworld , a portal to Storybrooke will soon be opening to take everyone home, but Hook still can't be resurrected because his spirit has been absent from his body for too long.

As such, he and Emma journey to the very depths of the Underworld to find some ambrosia to restore him to life.

Meanwhile, Robin meets the others at the library and is shocked when Regina encourages him to hand Baby Hood over to Zelena. The two sisters have now made amends, but the Wicked Witch still makes Robin uncomfortable, and when she, the baby and Hades leave to go through the portal early, Robin needs a minute to himself to deal with everything.

This is when Rumple ambushes him and rips out his heart for Pan to use, only to end up giving it back while Pan was distracted and giving Pan a wineskin he had filled with water from the River of Lost Souls and glamoured as a heart that sends him to the River of Lost Souls.

The heroes are soon trapped in the library by Cruella and the Blind Witch , who are acting under Hades' directive since he's in fact planning on going to Storybrooke without them.

When Emma returns though, having had to leave Hook behind since Hades killed all the ambrosia, she and Regina combine their magic to escape and everyone finally returns home.

Robin remains panicked over the fact that his daughter is with Hades and Zelena , the latter of which seeks he and Regina out, thrilled to see that they successfully made it to Storybrooke.

They are appalled when they learn that Baby Hood has been left under Hades' care, with Zelena now placing her entire trust in the God of Death, and when they try telling her that he attempted to trick them all into remaining trapped in the Underworld , she rejects them and returns to her love.

Needing to get Robin's daughter back, Regina guides him through the secret tunnels that run beneath the town, leading to her office where Hades and Zelena have based themselves with the child.

On the way, Regina remains positive that Zelena will come to her senses and the path to redemption will stay clear, but Robin is sick of hearing his true love defend the Wicked Witch in spite of what she's doing.

When they finally arrive beneath the office, however, he apologizes, pointing out that if he's learned anything from his relationship with the former Evil Queen then it's that people can change.

He adds that people's futures aren't defined through their pasts, declaring that she, Regina, is his future. They share a kiss before going to rescue his daughter, and luckily Hades and Zelena vacate the office to battle Emma just as they arrive, leaving Baby Hood unguarded.

Hades returns though, just as Robin lifts his daughter into his arms, and he prepares to use the all-powerful Olympian Crystal to wipe Regina from existence for trying to turn Zelena against him.

One blast will mean that her soul is destroyed; no Underworld, no moving on, no nothing. However, as a bolt of deadly lightning is fired, Robin stands in its path, sacrificing himself for the sake of his love.

He and Regina stare into one another's eyes as his body collapses to the ground, dead. Despite Robin's body dying, his spirit lingers, standing over his corpse and continuing to stare into Regina's eyes as she cries.

He appears peaceful for the few moments that he still exists, reaching out and nearly touching her He has been extinguished from existence itself, to his true love's utter dismay.

Thankfully, his death inspires Zelena to finally do the right thing; Regina explains to her what happens and uses Robin sacrificing himself as an example of what real true love is, allowing Zelena to discern that what she and Hades share will never be enough for him, and she runs him through with the Olympian Crystal.

With Hades defeated, the town is able to mourn Robin properly. A funeral is held in his honor with people placing arrows decorated with flowers onto his coffin, Roland and the Merry Men among them.

Regina is the last to place her arrow, at which point she's approached by Zelena and the baby. She reveals that she could only think of one thing to name her daughter Robin, in honor of her brave father.

Regina likes the name, though it hardly begins to absolve her pain. A wake is held in honor of Robin at Granny's Diner , and everyone goes out of their way to try and comfort Regina.

When a crisis starts in Storybrooke , she is told to sit it out because she's in such a fragile state after her true love's death, which she finds incredibly insulting.

She gets her own back though when she gets to "bench" Emma from the action taking place in New York when Henry decides he wants to destroy magic to prevent it from hurting anyone else, but Emma goes anyway because she's capable of tracking Henry, and she and Regina are led to Neal's apartment where Robin lived with " Marian " and Roland for some months.

There, Regina discovers the book that she bought for Robin about all of our world's myths and legends about him; she says how he used to read it and laugh at everything they got wrong, and then she opens it to discover a letter from Robin addressed to her.

It's about how proud of her he is and how he knows she'll remain the redeemed woman he fell in love with, adding to her inner conflict with the Evil Queen.

Meanwhile, Roland heads home to Sherwood Forest along with the rest of the Merry Men , with Zelena saying that that's where his father would want him to grow up.

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Date of birth. Manner of death. Blasted by Olympian Crystal. Enchanted Forest. Season s. I may be a thief, but I have a code, and I have to live by that code.

Otherwise, what kind of life am I living? Contents [ show ]. We have a cause that's bigger than any one of our own needs, and that cause is humanity.

When you steal for personal gain, the first thing you lose is yourself. I've heard many stories about the great and terrible Evil Queen, but, from this angle, the 'Evil' moniker seems somewhat of an overstatement.

If you find someone you love enough to ruin your entire life for, it's always worth it. Hello sis, I see you've fixed the clock; it'd be a shame to break it again.

Although, it might be fun to see Robin fly like one of his arrows. I can use that dagger to make you do this, but I'm not.

I'm asking you. I've lost love before, and I won't again. Save him. With Hook, my first impulse was to rip his throat out because it's not fair that he survives and Robin doesn't.

Categories :. Regina's true love. Robin marries Maid Marian. Robin steals from the rich to give to the poor.

Robin heals a dying Marian. Has he had work done? Mulan is welcomed amongst the Merry Men. Queen Regina.

Robin Hood to the rescue. Regina and Robin bond over some death threats. Robin tells Charming of night-root.

Robin tags along on a quest, to the annoyance of the Queen. Modern-day Merry Men. Robin and Regina get acquainted.

Robin keeps hold of the Queen's heart. Regina takes a risk. Romance blossoms. Robin attempts to hold off Zelena.

Robin and Regina continue to get to know one another over the matter of lost loves. Robin is reunited with his supposedly deceased wife , much to the Queen's dismay.

Will Scarlet. Robin ends things with Regina. Robin's kiss is lacking. Robin is told to stick with his wife.

To hell with morality. Balladien mukaan Robin väsyy kuninkaan palvelemiseen ja palaa metsään 22 vuodeksi. Robinin kerrotaan sairastuneen ja hakeneen apua serkultaan, Kirkleesin priorittarelta.

Tämä iskee Robinin suonta kuitenkin liikaa, tarkoituksenaan surmata Robin. Kuoleva Robin ampuu ikkunasta nuolen ja toivoo ystävältään Pikku Johnilta hautansa olevan paikassa, johon nuoli laskeutuu.

Robinin tarinoissa viitataan todellisiin normannien ja anglosaksien kiistoihin, ja myöhemmissä versioissa myös Juhanan ja Rikhardin kiistelyyn Englannin kruunusta.

Tarinoissa on nähty myös kaikuja Simon V de Montfortin kapinasta ja Lancasterin jaarli Thomasin kapinasta Edvard II:ta vastaan , Hereward the Waken taisteluista normanneja vastaan — ja William Wallacen vastarinnasta Skotlannissa — Robin Hoodin tunnetuin olinpaikka tarinoissa on Sherwoodin metsä Nottinghamshiressä Nottinghamin kaupungin lähellä, ja joidenkin iloisista veikoistakin kerrotaan olleen sieltä kotoisin.

Iloisten veikkojen päämajaksi metsässä on kerrottu ontto puu, luola tai mökki. Sherwoodin metsä oli kuninkaallinen peurojen metsästyspaikka, jossa salametsästys, johon Robin syyllistyi, oli ankarasti kielletty.

Joissain tarinoissa Robin Hoodin legendojen tapahtumapaikka on Barnsdale, pienehkö metsäinen alue Yorkshiressa.

Se on kuitenkin kaukana Nottinghamista, eikä se ollut kuninkaallinen, vartioitu metsä. Yorkshiressa on kuitenkin nykyisin Loxleyn kylä, jota Robinin kotikyläksi kutsutaan, ja Robinin haudaksi väitetty hauta.

Myös Huntingdon sijaitsee siellä. Robin Hoodin tarina on muuttunut vuosisatojen kuluessa. Varhaisimmissa viittauksissa luvulta Robin oli pelkkä rosvo, joka ryösteli matkailijoita elääkseen tai ehkä myös rikastuakseen.

Vasta myöhemmissä balladeissa hänen kerrottiin ryövänneen vain rikkaita ja jättäneen köyhät rauhaan.

Varhaisissa balladeissa Robin ei ollut vielä erityinen sankari tai kovinkaan kyvykäs tappelija tai jousimies.

Joissain varhaisissa balladeissa Robin joukkoineen tappaa ja silpoo ilman tunnontuskia, mutta yleisesti ottaen heidät nähdään ruoalla ja juomalla nautiskelevina, jämerinä talonpoikina.

Pikku John vaikuttaa aluksi saattaneen olla joukkojen johtaja Robinin sijaan, kunnes myöhemmissä versioissa Robin ottaa johtajan roolin.

Alkuperäiset Robin Hood -balladit heijastivat luvun Pohjois-Englannin levottomien aikojen tyytymättömyyttä. Tuon ajan kapinahenki huipentui vuoden Englannin talonpoikaiskapinaan.

Tuon ajan tavalliseen kansaan vetosivat tarinat Robin Hoodista vapaana, mutta tuomittuna lainsuojattomana, joka metsästi kielletyillä metsämailla ja huiputti valtaapitäviä ja viranomaisia.

Useimmat Robin Hood -balladit on kuitenkin sepitetty vasta keskiajan jälkeen, ja tuolloin legendojen alkuperäinen luonne muuttui, kun niissä kehitettiin tarina Robinista asemansa menettäneenä aatelismiehenä.

Hän sai myös kumppanin, Marian-neidon. Näytelmäkirjailijat omaksuivat tämän aiheen nopeasti, ja legendoihin tuli romanttisempi ote, mutta samalla niiden yhteiskunnallinen särmä katosi.

Robin Hoodin legenda on jatkanut muuntumistaan ja lukujen useissa elokuva- ja televisiosovituksissa. Flynnin vaikuttavan roolisuorituksen jälkeen monet seuraavat elokuvat alkoivat kertoa Robin Hoodin pojista ja tyttäristä.

Brittiläisessä luvun televisiosarjassa Robin of Sherwood mukaan otettiin arabihahmo, ristiretkeläisten vangitsema saraseeni -miekkailutaituri Nasir, ja vuoden yhdysvaltalaisessa elokuvassa Robin Hood — varkaiden ruhtinas yksi päähenkilöistä oli mustaihoinen mauri Azeem.

Vuoden televisiosarjassa Robin Hood esiintyy saraseeninaishahmo Djaq. Robinin tarinasta on tehty myös komedia-, science fiction- ja kauhuversioita, ja luvulta alkaen tarinan sovituksissa on ollut mukana usein mystiikkaa.

Varhaisimmat maininnat Robin tai Robert Hoodin nimestä ovat luvun oikeusasiakirjoista. Samoin vuonna tuomitusta miehestä käytettiin nimeä Gilbert Robynhood.

Tämä johtui mahdollisesti siitä, että jo tuolloin tunnettiin tuonniminen kuuluisa rosvo. Langlandin tarina sijoittuu Malvern Hillsiin , mikä kertoo siitä että Robin Hoodin legendalla oli jo ollut aikaa levitä kauas Nottinghamshirestä.

Vanhin tunnettu balladi Robin Hoodista on Robin Hood and the Monk , josta on osittain säilynyt kirjoitettu versio noin vuodelta A Gest 'seikkailut' of Robyn Hode ilmestyi noin Se on nelirivisen säkeistön kertomus, joka on luultavasti koostettu aikaisemmista tarinoista.

Tarina tapahtuu vuoroin Barnsdalessa, Sherwoodissa ja Nottinghamissa. Varhaisimmissa balladeissa ei esiinny vielä Marian-neitoa tai Veli Tuckia.

Robinin joukkio taistelee lähinnä miekoilla, mutta ei sauvoilla. Kuninkaista mainitaan vain Edvard mutta ei Rikhardia tai Juhanaa.

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Robin Hood Kika Robin Hood – Schlitzohr von Sherwood auf DVD

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