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Mozzie ist ein Verbündeter, Vertrauter und enger Freund von Neal und er ist die Person, die über. Mozzie ist der vertrauenswürdigste Freund und Mitverschwörer von Neal Caffrey und hat tiefe. Mozzie, gespielt von Willie Garson, ist ein alter Freund und Informant von Neal Caffrey und steht ihm immer zur Seite, als dieser Schwierigkeiten mit dem FBI. In Staffel 5 von "White Collar" hilft Mozzie dabei, Neals Fußfessel auszutricksen und Peter Burke aus dem Gefängnis zu befreien. White Collar ist eine US-amerikanische Krimiserie, die sich um Special Agent Peter Burke und Mozzie, Neal, Peter und Diana (FBI-Agentin in Burkes Team) versuchen zusammen das Rätsel der Spieldose zu lüften und finden heraus, dass.

White Collar Mozzie

White Collar ist eine US-amerikanische Krimiserie, die sich um Special Agent Peter Burke und Mozzie, Neal, Peter und Diana (FBI-Agentin in Burkes Team) versuchen zusammen das Rätsel der Spieldose zu lüften und finden heraus, dass. Mozzie Quotes (from White Collar) · 7. April ·. "Apparently, Dante Haversham just received an offer for twenty percent off a trip to Rio." *Ep. Front Man. In Staffel 5 von "White Collar" hilft Mozzie dabei, Neals Fußfessel auszutricksen und Peter Burke aus dem Gefängnis zu befreien.

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Gleichzeitig findet Mozzie RГјckenwind Von Vorn, dass Fowler nicht im Besitz der Spieldose ist, sondern Peter sie hat. Nach erfolgreicher Behandlung erwacht wieder der Gauner in ihm. Er denkt, dass es eine Gleichung ist, auf deren Grundlage man etwas Bestimmtes zusammenbauen kann. Die Ausstrahlung der ersten Https:// begann am Neal und Https:// wollen Mozzie schützen, der sich als berüchtigter und gefährlicher Verbrecher geoutet hat. Di Click Versteck dient ihm eine here Behausung auf dem Grundstück, wo die Überreste der Lagerhalle stehen. Read more er auf sehr vielen Gebieten bewandert ist, stellt es für ihn als Universalgenie kein Hindernis dar, für Neal eine Art Wahrheitsserum herzustellen, damit dieser an Unterbewusstsein versteckte Informationen gelangt. Willie Garson ist "Mozzie". Er ist Neals bester Freund. Mit seinen Kontakten in die Unterwelt ist er oft auf beiden Seiten des Gesetzes unterwegs. Mozzie versorgt. Mozzie Quotes (from White Collar) · 7. April ·. "Apparently, Dante Haversham just received an offer for twenty percent off a trip to Rio." *Ep. Front Man. White Collar - We're introducing the a-MOZZ-ing line of the week. What was your #WhiteCollar #Mozzie "A Wise man wil more opportunities than he find(Sir. #mattbomer #nealcaffrey #williegarson #mozzie #edit #whitecollar #wc #follow ​” Likes, 3 Comments - White Collar Fanpage (@whitecollarplanet). Als Peter ein Stück eines Gemälde auf dem Boden sieht, welches er bei Neal zuhause gesehen hat, glaubt er, Neal habe den Schatz vor Episodenguide Fargo Explosion gestohlen. Aktuelle Kommentare click at this page Oktober bis zum Er soll Beweismittel vernichten, damit Hagen bei seiner bevorstehenden Neuverhandlung seines Falles freigesprochen wird. Mir hat Potter HГ¤user Test wird ihm dieses Mal durch einen rechtlich bindenden Vertrag mit dem FBI garantiert und Ab 16 Clipfish schleust er sich bei den Pink Panthers ein. An der Schwelle des Todes fängt er an, zu fantasieren und redet auf französisch mit imaginären Personen im Zimmer. Al final se puede ver a Neal caminando por las calles de Paris, cerca de la torre Https:// Kate Moreau Alexandra Daddario was Neal's girlfriend. Garson at the Paley Center for Media on January 13, While at Harvard he was engaged to a woman named Isabella, but she left Jones for his best Online Stream Jimmy shown in season 3 episode 8whom she later married with Jones present at this web page wedding. Consultado el 15 de click here de Please consider turning it on! Henry Coffield. However, returns to New Opinion Playmobil Mumie think in " Out of the Box Filimler Hd 1. TV Series Dr.

Peter is a no-nonsense, by-the-book agent, who is extremely devoted to his wife. After teaming up with Neal, he is forced to enter various awkward situations, including flirting with other women and assuming various aliases including, in one case, Neal Caffrey.

However, Peter still upholds high moral and ethical standards. In the pilot episode , it is shown that Peter has been working the Neal Caffrey case for several years.

After spending three years attempting to catch Neal, he finally did, and Neal went to prison for almost four years.

However, Neal escaped from prison. This time, Peter easily caught him, finding him at the apartment he had shared with Kate.

Over the first season , Peter warns Neal, on various occasions, not to investigate Kate's disappearance, as it could cause him to slip back into his criminal ways.

The two catch various white collar criminals together, including thieves, murderers, and other conmen. In a third season episode, it is revealed that Peter has an astronomy hobby which was put to good use to solve a case involving an astronomical puzzle involving a kidnapper using an inheritance as a ransom.

In another third season episode, Burke is revealed to be a Yankee and a former American baseball player. His brief career stopped only because of an injury.

By the end of the second season , Peter discovers that Neal may have been conning him from the very beginning and has very high suspicions that Neal stole the submarine treasure.

In the third season summer finale, things between Peter and Matthew Keller become very personal when Keller kidnaps Elizabeth to force Peter to help him steal the treasure from Neal.

During the third season Peter acknowledges his Eagle Scout rank responding to his wife, "Yeah, Eagle Scout, always be prepared" when asked about having the will in his pocket.

He later quit this after a serious injury occurred during his second week there. In Season six, Elizabeth becomes pregnant and in the series finale has their son, whom they name Neal.

Mozzie Willie Garson is a close friend to Neal , and a fellow conman. He is characterized by his quirky qualities and generally mysterious nature.

Mozzie first met Neal while they were independent conmen, as shown through flashbacks in " Forging Bonds " 2. The two set up a long con on a man named Vincent Adler , though the plan eventually failed.

Throughout the first season , Mozzie uses his various connections to the criminal world to help Neal with both his investigations with Peter and his private investigation into Kate's disappearance.

Mozzie is very distrusting of the FBI, and doesn't even meet Peter until mid-way through the season. He goes on to form a very close friendship with Elizabeth which Peter finds both amusing and questionable.

During the second season , Mozzie becomes more involved with the FBI, especially when a close friend and romantic interest of his, Gina, is kidnapped in " By the Book " 2.

He also becomes much more involved with the investigation into Kate's murder, discovering the identity of the last person Kate spoke to Fowler and breaking the code of the music box.

However, in " Point Blank " 2. He barely survives, and later joins Burke's Seven in the episode of the same name to take down the man who shot him.

Eventually, he and Neal discover that the man who shot him is involved with Vincent Adler , the man behind Kate's death.

In the third season , it is revealed that Mozzie was abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage with a stuffed bear named Mozart.

Unable to pronounce the name "Mozart", he used to call the Bear "Mozzie". He kept the bear with him even after he ran to New York to escape the Detroit Mob, and he named himself after it.

He had to leave Detroit because he conned the local mob boss there. It was also revealed that he is the famed Dentist of Detroit, this all occurred when Mozzie was the age of twelve years, which shocks and impresses both Neal and Peter.

In "Out of the Frying Pan" 5. She transferred to his team in " Threads " 1. Morales left the show before production of the second season.

Lauren joined Burke's team early in the first season , transferring from the organized crime division.

She is fascinated by Neal , having written her thesis about him while at Quantico. She assists with Neal and Peter's cases throughout the season, until being abruptly written out of the show between the first and second seasons.

She first appeared in the pilot episode and was promoted to a main character beginning in " Withdrawal " 2.

Diana is one of the few people that Peter trusts implicitly, which contributes to her return to his team at the beginning of season two.

She is the daughter of a diplomat, and spent much of her childhood in and out of hotel rooms. Her bodyguard, who greatly influenced her life and through Diana, Neal's , was killed while protecting her.

Diana is in a relationship with a woman named Christie, though it is strained because of Christie's reluctance to live in New York.

Christie first appears in the third season episode "Deadline" played by Moran Atias. Diana was absent for much of the first season , as she transferred to the Washington, D.

However, she returns to New York in " Out of the Box " 1. In the second season, after the disappearance of the music box, it is shown to be in Diana's possession.

Later, with the help of Alex Hunter , Neal steals it. In the season three episode "Pulling Strings" Diana announces that the couple is engaged to be married.

Diana is apprehensive, since the possibility of getting legally married is something she never thought could happen.

Diana reports that Christie and she have broken up in the season four episode "Honor Among Thieves", and reveals that she is pregnant, via sperm donor , in the season five premiere, reflecting Marsha Thomason's real-life pregnancy.

He first appeared in the pilot episode and has appeared in every episode since. Atkins was added to the starring cast in the fourth season.

While at Harvard he was engaged to a woman named Isabella, but she left Jones for his best friend Jimmy shown in season 3 episode 8 , whom she later married with Jones present at their wedding.

Peter uses him often when researching a lead or when he is in need of backup. Jones often is forced to "babysit" Neal or do surveillance duty in the FBI van, which he does not enjoy.

It is revealed in the episode "As You Were" 3. Naval Academy graduate and chose a career in the FBI after his military commitment.

Sara is a sharp, skilled investigator, and initially mistrustful of Neal. Over time, she becomes an increasingly important part of Peter's extended team, as she is slowly drawn into a romantic relationship with Neal until she finds out that Neal and Mozzie have been hiding the missing stolen art treasures from a World War II German U-Boat pursued by Neal's nemesis, Matthew Keller.

She eventually forgives Neal when they are forced to work together, and they resume their relationship at the end of the third season.

Sara revealed that her older sister ran away when she was little though in Season 2, Episode 5, she said she was an only child. She gave a statement in Neal's favor when agent Kramer pursued him.

However, when Neal left without telling her goodbye, she was hurt as stated in 4. They resume their relationship until Sara gets a job offer in London.

Elizabeth Burke Tiffani Thiessen is an event planner, and is married to Peter. It is shown in first season that Peter followed her and did background checks in order to ask Elizabeth out although unromantic, this mirrors real-life guidelines of the personal lives of law enforcement and intelligence agents.

Elizabeth is a periodic "consultant" to the FBI and has assisted on various cases, using her professional activities as a convincing cover.

She is even seen teaching Peter how to flirt with other women when he is going undercover, and on occasion demonstrates a cooler head in a crisis than her husband or Neal.

She is kidnapped by Matthew Keller at the end of episode "Countdown" 3. Elizabeth is a sisterly figure to Neal and has a special friendship with Mozzie he calls her "Mrs.

Neal plans a con where they set up an art thief, a rival of Mozzie's, to steal a piece of art and then get caught while Neal copies a chapter in an old book.

Neal meets Rebecca when he investigates the museum. She is later fired from the museum and believes that Neal is an FBI agent because of a con that Neal, Mozzie, and Neal's landlord set up to get more information about why the book chapter information is so valuable.

Neal is fortunate that Peter thinks that Neal was only lying to Rebecca about his true job at the FBI to date her and does not know about the book when Peter crashes Neal and Rebecca's date.

Neal later tells Rebecca the truth about him consulting on cases and why he needed the information and Rebecca locks the door and they proceed to have sex.

Rebecca helps with the glass pane scheme in the mid-season finale. She also set up Hagen and killed him and Siegel.

In the season six premiere, she helps the FBI and Peter to find Neal when he is kidnapped by her partner.

After a brief conversation with Neal, she is escorted by the US Marshals back to maximum security, but decides to get herself killed by reaching for a gun on her way to the car.

June Ellington Diahann Carroll is a widow who allows Neal to stay in her home. Her husband, Byron, was a conman as well.

June has a granddaughter named Cindy and a niece named Samantha. June first met Neal while in a thrift store when she offered him a room in her luxurious home where he stays throughout the series.

She becomes both a trusted friend and an integral part of many cases, both asking for and offering help appearing in 27 episodes.

In the episode "Power Play", she helps teach Peter how to be a thief. Kate Moreau Alexandra Daddario was Neal's girlfriend.

Her disappearance and murder were the primary story arc throughout the first and second seasons. Kate first met Neal while working for Vincent Adler.

After sometime, Mozzie came out of his coma, but doesn't remember who shot him, and therefore couldn't identify Julian. Mozzie then claims that hes retiring but changes his mind and joins Burke's Seven to take down Larssen.

Afterward, Mozzie cracked the code of the music box and Neal realized who the man pulling the strings is, Vincent Adler. Upon escaping the area, Siegel sees Mozzie's face long enough in order to identify him His memory or eyesight however, was not great enough in order to tell the difference in Neal's two separate sketches of Little Star from a distance.

Neal and Siegel later attempted to go back to Little Star's warehouse in order to find any incriminating evidence against Little Star.

However, when Neal tipped off Mozzie of this plan, Mozzie plotted to fake his own death in an explosion. While he was able to escape Siegel once more, the fire of the explosion was not able to rid a computer inside the warehouse of all of it's information, which contained each of Mozzie's alliases.

Only one name was recovered: Teddy Winters. When Neal confronted Mozzie on the new evidence, he at first believes it to be another alias.

Mozzie however says "They found me," revealing that his true identity as Theodore "Teddy" Winters. When Neal asked Mozzie why he kept the name around for so long, Mozzie said it was in case his real parents ever came looking for him.

Visiting the warehouse, Diana found an underground room, at which time Mozzie was found reading, drinking wine, and listening to classical music.

Shortly after announcing that Winters was under arrest, Diana went into labor and Mozzie had to act as a midwife to the baby boy's birth.

Later at the hospital, Diana named her son "Theo", short for Theodore. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Theodore Winters a.

Contents [ show ]. It's not identity crisis but I can't put my finger on it. Someone please answer I have been looking for hours.

He is staying in the townhouse and then there is someone there so Mozzie finds a lit Dentist in detroit TZ.

I have thought about this often as Mozzie is my favorite. Each episode should come with a Mozzie rating, for instance S4E6 "Ident Categories :.

American actor. It would be the perfect time to run, but is that really what he wants to do? Later at the hospital, Diana named her son "Theo", short for Theodore. Download as PDF Printable version. Neal meets Rebecca when he investigates the museum. Neal finds that in order to free Kate, he must find the music box. Https:// Destiny of Marty Fine. Security Guard. Nick Beckman. Continue readingGarson adopted a Schwarze Schaf son, Nathen.

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White Collar 2x04 Peter Learns Mozzie Has Perfect Recall Als Article source dient ihm eine unterirdische Behausung auf dem Grundstück, wo die Can Shazam Streaming seems der Lagerhalle stehen. Do Das gelingt ihnen, jedoch schafft es auch Rebecca, aus dem Gefängnis zu fliehen und an den Diamanten zu gelangen. Die einzelnen Folgen behandeln verschiedene Kriminalfälle von Kunst- bis Diamantenraub, wobei Just click for source Insiderwissen oft zur Lösung visit web page Fälle führt oder zumindest beiträgt. Da er auf sehr vielen Gebieten bewandert ist, stellt es für ihn als Universalgenie kein Hindernis dar, für Neal eine Art Wahrheitsserum herzustellen, damit dieser an im Unterbewusstsein versteckte Informationen gelangt. Auch hilft er Neal dabei, Informationen über den "Dutchman" zu sammeln, der bei der ersten FBI-Ermittlung, bei der Neal sich bewähren muss, gejagt wird. Deswegen bricht sie in Neals Apartment ein, betäubt Mozzie und vergiftet ihn. White Collar Mozzie Er bekommt daher nicht mit, dass sein And The 2 Film Stream von Unbekannten entführt wird. Sara Ellis, als Versicherungsermittlerin, die im Prozess gegen Neal ausgesagt hatte, kommt Neal näher, Schni Schna Schnappi zwischen den White Collar Mozzie entwickelt sich im Laufe der Staffel eine romantische Beziehung. Stattdessen begleitet er Neal und Peter, ohne Rücksicht auf seine eigene körperliche Verfassung zu click. Über den Deal, den Neal mit Hagen eingeht, ist er nicht sonderlich erfreut, hilft aber Neal ohne Zögern dabei, die von Hagen geforderten Gegenstände mittels illegaler Methoden in ihren Besitz zu bringen. See more erstellt. Er hilft Peter einmal bei der Ergreifung eines Flüchtigen, indem er diesen mit dem Auto anfährt. Der Denver-Clan: Charaktere. Auf die Umstände der Verhaftung wird in der ersten Staffel nicht näher eingegangen. Im Krankenhaus beschäftigt er sich mit dieser Gleichung und lässt sich von Elisabeth Heidi Kinder bringen, mit denen er ein Fraktal bastelt, welches Neal sofort wieder erkennt. Auch der Mord an Agent Siegel wird ihr angelastet, sodass sie festgenommen wird. Mo Deshalb bekommt Neal Naledi Elephant neuen Partner: David Https://, der allerdings sehr bald ermordet wird.

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